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Audience participation is crucial to Schwejk.We are planning to spread the word about him through campaigns you can get involved with and we think that supporting him is a form of political activism!

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Christine Edzard is best known for her 1987 film Little Dorrit (a six hour adaptation of Charles Dickens’ novel, which G.B. Shaw considered “more seditious than Das Kapital”). She has written and will direct this new version of The Good Soldier Schwejk based on the satirical Czech novel by Jaroslav Hašek. Live performances and filming is in July 2017, and will take place at Sands Films Studios in London.

This will be Edzard’s sixth film as director since Little Dorrit. Published in serial form, The Good Soldier Schwejk became an instant success. Hažek died in 1923 leaving the novel unfinished. By 1926 it was translated into German and spread across Europe, acquiring cult status. Since then, the good soldier has appeared in many forms across the world, as a powerfully comic symbol of anti authoritarianism, anti militarism and resistance.

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Eventbrite - THE GOOD SOLDIER SCHWEJK - Preview Performance
Eventbrite - THE GOOD SOLDIER SCHWEJK - Live Performance
Eventbrite - THE GOOD SOLDIER SCHWEJK - Live Performance
Eventbrite - THE GOOD SOLDIER SCHWEJK - Live Performance
Eventbrite - THE GOOD SOLDIER SCHWEJK - Live Performance
Eventbrite - THE GOOD SOLDIER SCHWEJK - Matinee Performance

Edzard will present a contemporary ‘take’ on Hašek’s original in an unconventional adaptation. A small cast will take on multiple roles, and there will be live music and (partially scripted) audience participation. Editing will take place after the shoot in the normal way. It also has an unexpected take on its hero. It distances itself from the cosy, rotund middle aged man of Josef Lada's illustrations(which Hažek never saw) and reconnects with the original inspiration for the novel – Františec Straslipka - a very young man, seemingly innocent, sweetly provocative.

“Schwejk is an anti-war protest. It’s about the irrationality, the bungling, the ridiculous cock-ups. It is about the criminal absurdity of war,” said producer Olivier Stockman.

Eventbrite - THE GOOD SOLDIER SCHWEJK - Live Performance