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The book written by Dennis Grunes and now published by Sands Films Cinema Club is an essential guide to the history of world cinema.

It provides an introduction to over a thousand important films arranged chronologically, from the birth of Cinema till now. Each film is presented and reviewed in a short, sharp entry and each decade is headed by a longer article with a deeper analysis of outstanding films of that period.

The comprehensive index makes this book an excellent starting point for the study of art house film history: this book leaves aside many blockbusters and introduces the reader to many little known masterpieces.

The feature film written and directed by Christine Edzard based on the play by William Shakespeare,

set in a modern environment.

With Cyril Cusack, James Fox

Griff Rhys Jones, Miriam Margolyes

Ewen Bremner, Don Henderson.

Biddy is the first feature film produced by Sands Films and made in Rotherhithe. It tells the life story of an English nanny is the 1860’s to 90’s. Her unique world is a mix of English literature and deep emotional ties with the children who are her responsibility but not hers to love openly.

*Please note this is a Region 2 only DVD

The award-winning feature film written and

directed by Christine Edzard. Based on the

magical play by William Shakespeare. With a

cast of 364 local children aged between

eight and twelve.

The feature film written and directed by Christine Edzard based on the work of Henry Mayhew investigating the lives of London’s poor in 1850.

With Derek Jacobi, Cyril Cusack, Corin Redgrave Michael Horden, Miranda Richardson, Maria Aitken

Irina Brook, Don Henderson.

A story told in two films; the ambitious screen adaptation of Charles Dickens’ novel.

The book is so rich in characters and Dickens is so able to show the humanity in each of them that the film, instead of a long story cut in two halves, became two films, each telling the story, seen from the particular point of view of the two main characters. “Nobody’s Fault” is the way Arthur Clennam sees things: his mother, his life, his work, his failures in love and in business… and his blindness to Little Dorrit’s love.

Then, “Little Dorrit’s Story” is the life of Amy Dorrit, born in a debtor’s prison, growing up and looking after her father; becoming rich and all the while keeping people and things together… and her blind love for Arthur Clennam.

A 30 minutes documentary about the Peek Freans biscuit factory in Bermondsey and its closing down in the late 1980's. This film looks back at over 100 years of the factory's life and shows footage of an earlier 1906 documentary.

Also included: the complete 1906 silent documentary made by Crick & Martin.

Pierre de La Rue (c. 1460 – 1518), contemporary of Josquin des Prés, served the Burgundian-Hapsburg court for a quarter of a century: Maximilian I (Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire), Philippe le Beau (King of Castile) and Joan of Spain (Juana La Loca), Marguerite of Austria (Regent of the Low Countries) and the Archduke Karl (future Charles V). He composed some thirty masses, seven mass fragments, thirty-seven motets, eight Magnificats, several lamentations and twenty-four secular songs.

Working with Michel Sanvoisin, Sands Films has produced a number of CDs, some for NAXOS classic collection and one as a completely independent venture: the Christmas album presented here.

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