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Some clients include:

Producers come to Sands Films for all types of filming: from music promo to TV interviews, from corporate videos to feature films.

Sands Films Studio now has a new and permanent lighting rig which means that very little or no lighting equipment is required to shoot at Sands Films.

Studio is also equipped with a sounds stage, set workshop, production offices, dressing rooms and screening theatre for running rushes, as well as the best canteen.

Sands Films Stage's major upgrade

Sands Films Studio's new and permanent lighting rig is entirely fitted with LED lights that are controlled by a DMX desk. The rental of the stage WITH access to our lighting system will save time and money for our clients.

The Sands Films Studio is now also equipped with a permanent Video and Sound Recording System. Using Blackmagic Hyper Deck and MultiCAM our brand new system allows clients to film/record with up to 5 remotely controlled H.D. cameras – live streaming now possible.

You can watch our livestreaming from our youtube channel.

Carlos Acosta recording at Sands Films Studio, 2017